Need help with government paperwork and endorsements? We can help you.


Casa Fairview Canines (a member of IPATA) specializes in the safe and secure transport of the global purebred dog community. We treat your "precious cargo" as if it were our own... if not better. We understand first-hand the costs and concerns associated with not only acquiring a dog from one part of the world, but trusting someone to oversee the paperwork and transportation to get them to their final destination.  You can't always be on the plane with your dog, but we can help make the process as painless and stress-free as possible. And... we also help cats and treat them with the same utmost of care.


Our specialty is getting dogs  out of the United States to their final destination, wherever that may be. We also help cats get around the world!

paperwork assistance

We can help you get your dog into the United States and on to their final destination, too. We also help cats get into the U.S.!

We help pets get around the world. Literally.

Your dog matters.